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Insider Trading Tips w/ Basic Soul Unit


We had a chance to sit down with Basic Soul Unit and discuss some hot tips, here’s a lil insight:

TURRBOTAX®:  What’s your hometown and tell us one interesting fact about it?

Basic Soul Unit:  Toronto, Canada: about 50% of residents were born outside Canada (including myself).

TURRBOTAX®:  Whats your favorite record sleeve?

Basic Soul Unit:  Gotta go w a Blue Note, maybe Cannonball Adderly’s “Something Else” or Freddie Hubbard “Hub-tones”.   Always loved the simplicity of the covers.

TURRBOTAX®:  Most embarrassing record in your collection?

Basic Soul Unit:   They were a cassette tapes. When I first got to Canada as a kid in 82 I bought Ozzy Osbourne “Bark At the  Moon” and Def Leppard “Pyromania”. You know as a kid from Hong Kong, western pop and rock was so cool. Not embarrassing per say (at least for some) but probably unexpected.

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