Mystery Loft Update: It’s still happening!


A long awaited update:

First, we hope everyone is safe, unhurt, and with power, hot water, etc – it’s been a rough few days for a lot of people.


A few changes:
– Our original mystery guest unfortunately couldn’t make it into the USA b/c their flight were canceled as a result of hurricane Sandy.
– However, we have a NEW MYSTERY GUEST we would like to tell you about. We are extremely excited to welcome our new guest as we have played his or her records since the very first TURRBOTAX® and worked with many artists on a label closely associated with our Mystery Guest. This is long overdue, and we have had numerous messages about booking our mystery guest – we think you will be as excited for this as we are. Stay tuned for new clues.

– We will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this event to charity for the folks suffering from Hurricane Sandy. We are currently doing research on who we should donate to (please let us know if you have suggestions) but we want to help. Some of us, as well as friends and families lived in areas deeply affected by the hurricane and we want to do something to help. We will post an update on who we will will donating too soon.

If you have or haven’t RSVPed and you have a moment, can you update your status on the event invite? Also, if you haven’t yet – PLEASE EMAIL THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE ADDRESS. We will be responding to these in the am, and sending info out in the evening.

See you tomorrow!


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