TURRBOTAX® II Year Anniversary “Ultimate Party II Go” Package

We are very excited to announce a special package for you guys for our
second birthday!

We put this together the same way we do our parties- at zero profit. Since all the items are so limited, we can only offer this box of gems to the first 50 people.

TURRBOTAX® II Year Anniversary “Ultimate Party II Go” Package:

ONLY $20!

One ULTRA LIMITED EDITION 19.5 x 12″- five (yes, five) color screen print of our “II Year Anniversary” poster. Hand screened in Brooklyn with ultra bright inks on thick, premium Smart White 1.0™ French™ paper.

This is an extremely short run then none ever again! This print is only available at the party. You will receive a cute ticket at the door when you arrive that will enable you to pick up your print, whenever you decide you are done raging.

Please note: This is NOT some computer ink jet print out! This is a hand-screened, hand numbered, screen print, made right here in Brooklyn as an extremely small run!

One *very special* surprise limited edition party favor, only available
with this package. ( Trust us you are REALLY going to want one when you see them in action )

FREE entry for the TURRBOTAX® II Year Anniversary

TURRBOTAX® stickers printed on transparent glossy stock!!

If you want in on this send us an email at turrbotaxsweepstakes@gmail.com for instructions on how to pre-order this package.

Thank you and, we love you.
-TURRBOTAX® Residents

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