Contakt @ Double Up – Copenhagen, Denmark

R. Kelly Double Up Contakt at Double Up Copenhagen Psi Mono UK Funky Techno turrbotax turbotax

How could I not use an R. Kelly picture for this?

Super excited for this one. Playing at Dunkel, Copenhagen’s premiere club for new music alongside PsiMono. That alone was great, but when I saw the party was named after my favorite R. Kelly song, I knew it was fate.

If you are in Denmark, come through and have a Fisk with me.

Saturday, July 31st, 11-7am

Double Up

Vester Voldgade 10
1552 København V

Henrik Harmano & Kasper Melchior
Dan M & Johanne (Ung Flugt)
PsiMono & Asmus Odsat
Contakt (TURRBOTAX®)

Facebook Invite: HERE

Also, my DJ name may be spelled Kransekage in Danish based on the flyer, maybe not, gonna have to look into that.

– Contakt –


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2 responses to “Contakt @ Double Up – Copenhagen, Denmark

  1. psimono

    plenty of misspellings on that flyer. i think the artist thought Contakt was as in “Contact information”.

    anyway, kransekage is:

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