Norrit Exclusive TURRBOTAX® Podcast



You read that correctly. To get you hype for FRIDAY, Norrit has put together an exclusive mix for TURRBOTAX® and it’s #%&*ing incredible.

Download it already.

01. But i’m winning intro
02. X-ray – Let’s Go (a mix)
03. Altered Natives – The Bitch
04. George Morel – Down to the Waistline Honey (The Sound Factory Mix)
05. Ben Klock – Viscoplastic
06. Timeblind – Interrupt
07. Bassbin Twins – Disco United
08. Cheap and Deep Prod. – Words, Breaths, Pauses (Tr-808 Doom Disco Dub)
09. Bot’ox – Blue Steel (Azari & III Remix)
10. Reboot – Chop the Bang
11. Norrit – Untitled
12. Two Shiny Heads – Dub House Disco (l.g.n.s.a.s. Disco Dub)

Download Norrit’s Voguing at Botnet Mix for TURRBOTAX® HERE.
Update: We have re-uploaded the mix because the other one reached the download limit. Sorry about that. Works now!!!

See you Friday!

– Contakt –

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