Hot City XLR8R Podcast

Hot City XLR8R podcast turrbotax brooklyn uk funky dubstep

This podcast went live on XLR8R a few months back and I can’t stop playing it. If you haven’t heard Hot City mix, you have no clue what you are in for THIS FRIDAY.

01. Hot City “What Am I Doin”
02. Terrence Parker “Why After All This” (Seventh Sign)
03. Karizma “Neccessarry Maddness” (R2)
04. Justin Martin “Beat That Bird With a Bat (Donk Boys Remix)” (Dirtybird)
05. DJ Zinc “Because” (Bingo)
06. Mike Dehnert “Umlaut2 (Levon Vincent NY Basement Mix)” (Clone)
07. Shams “Watch You Foam at the Mouth and Try to Swim Today” (Vicious Pop)
08. Cubic Zirconia “Josephine (Egyptrixx Remix)” (Don’t Cry)
09. Grevious Angel “Move Down Low (VIP Mix)” (Soul Jazz)
10. Hot City “Another Girl”
11. Tolfrey/Ramirez “Bounce To Me (Lauhaus Remix)” (Phonica)
12. DJ Assault “In The Club”
13. Black Box “Ride On Time (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)” (AATW)
14. Jay Robinson & Screama “Down (Original Mix)” (Monkey Beats)
15. The 2 Bears “Be Strong” (Southern Fried)
16. Nochexxx “Sandspur”
17. Jodey Kendrick “Dirt Devil” (Rephlex)
18. Jimmy Edgar “B There” (Hypercolour)
19. SBTRKT “Laika” (Brainmath)
20. Harmonimix “A Milli” (Harmonimix)

Downlod Hot City’s XLR8R Podcast HERE.

Get ready!

– Contakt –

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  1. This mix is kind of money. Thanks for sharing.

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