Slevarance – Respect Wood Mix

Slevarance DZA Respect Wood UK Funky 2-Step Mix

Another mix that’s getting much play in the office and on the iPod!

This one from Slevarance (some of you may know him as DZA), a rising UK producer fresh off a phenomenal collaboration with Hackman (another TURRBOTAX® fave). This mix ties it all together, running through grime, 2-step, and UK funky, packed with exclusives from Hackman, Fauxhemian, Slevarance, and myself (Contakt), and new material from some of my favorite artists.

01. Sticky + More Fire Crew – What’s The Point
02. Slevarance & Hackman -You And Me (Kowton’s Anti-Gravity Remix)
03. Dexplicit – Shut It Down
04. Agent X – Nasty Bonanza
05. Low Deep – Cheeky Violin
06. Plasticman – Still Tippin [Instrumental]
07. Pay As You Go – Know We
08. Fauxhemian – Space Port 426
09. SRC – Goomba
10. Blackjack – Arcade 3
11. Big-E-D – Frontline (Terror Dnajah’s Creepy Crawler Mix)
12. Ruff Sqwad – Anna (Instrumental)
13. Wiley – Fire Fly
14. Dj Wire – Believe Me Remix
15. Pay As You Go Crew – Champagne Dance
16. Contakt – Not Forgotten
17. IMP Batch – Gype
18. Jammer – Fire Hydrant
19. Emalkay – Missile
20. Wonder – What
21. Social Circles – Paccman
22. Jon E Cash – Still Heavy
23. Jan Driver – Rat Alert
24. DJ Oddz – Blade Runner
25.Dizzee Rascal Vs. Musical Mobb – I Love Pulse X
26. J Sweet – Kerb
27. Blackjack – Oh Yes
28. Hackman & Slevarance – You And Me

Download Slevarance’s Respect Wood Mix HERE.


PS: Check out Slevarance’s production work HERE too.

– Contakt –

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