December TURRBOTAX® Wrap-Up

Dave Chappelle as R. Kelly

Thank you to everyone who came out to TURRBOTAX® last night. We all certainly had a blast, hope you did too!

Extra special thank you to Hirshi & Phlegm for playing a killer set and (and closing with the phenomenal James Blake remix of Untold) and to Dave Q who played everything from classic East Coast hardcore hip-hop to garage and dubstep and had the dancefloor going nuts song after song.

Official song of the night (courtesy of Dave Q): R. Kelly – Ignition. Seriously. No, really, seriously.

Pictures coming soon!

– Contakt –


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3 responses to “December TURRBOTAX® Wrap-Up

  1. bounce bounce bounce

  2. ’Twas a good time.

    Hirshi & Phlegm killed it.

    The darker dubstep the better. Moar because moar!

  3. JamesLazer

    Way 2 fun!

    R.Kelly was over the top!

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